Brian Smith

Brian Smith is a Sheffield-based artist with an unusually wide range of skills, from life drawing tutor at Sheffield's Millennium Gallery, to running his own painting courses; from lecturing in visual communication at Hallam University to commercial murals. He paints chiefly in watercolour and sketches prolifically, en plein air,  in any medium, whatever catches his eye.

His subject matter can literally be anything, though as a former architect, buildings and the spaces between them, and the people and paraphernalia which occupy those spaces, often command his attention.

His sketch books and paintings are a travelogue of places visited and experiences enjoyed, recorded in a vibrant, confident, often quick-fire style. 


Facebook: Brian Smith Artist Sheffield


Scroll down to see ten new pictures for sale

Standoff, 370mm x 270mm (framed 580mm x 490) - Watercolour - £

This picture is now SOLD

Rusting, 380mm x 280mm (framed 570mm x 440mm) - Watercolour - £225

Buxton Opera House, 380mm x 380mm (framed 470mm x 370mm), Watercolour, £265

Rodeo, 350mm x250mm (framed 530mm x 440mm) - Watercolour - £225

Curbar Edge, 355mm x 255mm (framed 540mm x 440mm) - Watercolour - £265

Newt Scamander's Shed, 180mm x 260mm (framed 400mm x 450mm) - Watercolour - £225

Paris Cafe, 365mm x 280mm (framed 600mm x 510mm = Watercolour - £295

New Shoes, 375mm x 275mm (framed 575mm x 475mm - Watercolour - £265

Paris Pluie, 380mm x 280mm (framed 570mm x 470mm) - Watercolour - £295

Billy Sharp, limited edition print of 250. 400mm x 300mm - £65

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