Gerry Kersey

Gerry works almost exclusively in acrylics, and produces mainly landscapes, with occasional excursions into still life and abstract.   Favourite haunts for painting subject, apart from his home environment, are the East Coast of England, and France, where he has family.   Sheffield born, he has enjoyed a career as a broadcaster, and can still be heard on BBC Radio Sheffield every Sunday afternoon   ---   unless there's football being broadcast!


Scroll down to see ten new pictures for sale

Meadow Brown, 280mm x 200mm (frame 470mm x 380mm) - Acrylic - £135

Edensor Snow, 290mm x 200mm (frame 430mm x 350mm) - Acrylic - £145

Sunrise at Mudeford, 400mm x 500mm (frame 460mm x 560mm) - Acrylic - £165

Anemone Bianca, 290mm x 230mm (frame 330 mm x 270mm) - Acrylic - £125

Down the Trap - Trap Lane - 505mm x 405mm - Acrylic - £180

Ringinglow Cottages, 355mm x 460mm - Acrylic -- £140

Black Swan at Claremont Landscape Gardens,

200mm x 250mm - Acrylic Box Canvas - £85

The Greenhouse, 460mm x 610mm - Acrylic - £200

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