Helen Martell

Helen was born in Gisborne, New Zealand, and it was in this inspiring and beautiful environment that she developed her artistic skills from a very early age.   She moved with her family to Sheffield in the 1980’s, and she later studied textile design at Loughborough College of Art and Design.   ​Now living in the beautiful Lincolnshire village of Dry Doddington, with her husband and two cats, she combines her regular full-time job with her love of painting.   Helen works in a wide variety of mediums.  She has recently concentrated her efforts on acrylics and enjoys painting animals, particularly cows and sheep.   She has undertaken numerous commissions to paint family pets and is building a reputation for her individual style and clever use of colours.   Helen has exhibited at the ‘Great Sheffield Art Show’ and the ‘Art in the Gardens’ several times, and she joined the Ten Artists in 2013.

Website www.helenmartell.co.uk

email:   heepster@ymail.com

Scroll down to see ten new pictures for sale

Lilypads and Leaves, 300mm x 300mm - (Flat canvas framed to 450mm square) - Acrylic - £190

Johnny Cash, 400mm square (box canvas) - Acrylic - £180

Honey Bees, 300mm box canvas - Acrylic - £125

Leaves on Water, 300mm square (framed to 450mm square) - Acrylic - £190

Twentieth Century Boy, 500mm square box canvas - Acrylic - £190

Green Trellis, 300mm square canvas board - Acrylic - Unframed - £125 - Framed £150

Empties ! 500mm square box canvas - Acrylic - £190

Out to Lunch, 500mm x 400mm - Acrylic on Stretch Canvas - £145

Clan-section, 400mm x 400mm (framed 620mm x 620mm) - Acrylic on Flat Canvas - £195

Cobbled Street, 1000mm x 500mm - Acrylic on Box Canvas - £250

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