Jason Heppenstall

Jason describes himself as a Scrap Metal Sculptor.   From being a metalworker by trade, he is now a full time sculptor working with recycled steel.   Whilst in his studio, he feels free from the constraints of precision engineering, and is inspired to create free flowing images from the discarded wonders he comes across.   We live in a disposable age where things are easily tossed aside - trades that are dying and tools no longer used.   These things are the building blocks of his art, this is his treasure to find and create.

Website:   www.jasonheppenstall.co.uk

Facebook: Heppo Art

email:   jasonheppenstall@hotmail.co.uk

Scroll down to see ten new pieces of work for sale

Leaping Frog, 300mm long - Scrapmetal Art - £60

Woodpecker, 270 mm high - Scrapmetal Art - £100

Riverside, 400 mm high - Scarpmetal Art - £130

Kingfisher, 240mm high - Scrapmetal Art - £100

Dragonfly, 420mm high - Scarpmetal Art - £150

Blueglass Flower, 300mm high - Scrapmetal Art - £150

Iron Reeds, 280mm high - Scrapmetal Art - £130

Rivets and Bearings, 250mm dia. Wallmounted Scrapmetal Art - £80

Rivet Heart, 100mm high - Wallmounted Scrapmetal Art - £50

Spider, 250mm long - Wallmounted Scrapmetal Art - £70

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